Sharif Nasser bin Ali Al Radi


Sharif Nasser bin Ali Al Radi

Born in 1890, Sharif Nasser bin Ali Al Radi worked with Princes Ali and Faisal to mobilise tribes and raise the Revolt’s flag, managing to successfully lead tribal groups in campaigns since day one of the Revolt.

In May 1917, Prince Faisal tasked him with leading the campaign to the Syrian Badia. He left Al Wajh for Wadi Al Sarhan, accompanied by Sheikh Odeh Abu Tayeh, after mobilising a tribal force. He marched south, taking over Aqaba on 6 July 1917.

His successful campaigns earned him the nickname “the lucky one”. In September 1918, he led the Northern Army’s quick campaign, entering Daraa, onto Damascus, and then Aleppo.

He was appointed governor of Aleppo, and after Maysaloun Battle in 1920, he returned to Hijaz. In 1925, he left for Iraq, staying in Baghdad until he died in 1943.