Values List

Liberty, Justice and Independence

The Arab Revolt erupted for the sake of Arab liberty and to safeguard Arabs’ rights and secure their independence. The Revolt represented a project to awaken and build the nation and there continues to be a need for this project today. The Revolt also established a place for Arabs on the political map of modern history.

Patriotism and Pride

The Great Arab Revolt and the principles of the Arab Awakening are historical milestones, whose events represent a source of pride and belonging to it and Jordan, which embodies the perpetuation of these principles. Jordan’s history and heritage are also deeply connected to the Revolt and the Awakening and its stances on Arab and Islamic causes are a source of pride.

Loyalty to Those Who Sacrificed

Celebrating the memory of the Arab and Jordanian heroes who contributed to the Revolt and sacrificed for the sake of liberty, justice and independence is the highest form of loyalty and devotion. Expressing loyalty to these heroes is by embodying the principles that they sacrificed for and having the community, of all generations, honour their memory. At the forefront of these heroes is Sharif Hussein bin Ali, as the leader of the Revolt and for striving to combat the syndrome of illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and illness. As young people were the vanguard of the Revolt, the youth of today renew its principles.

Building on Achievements

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the achievements of the Great Arab Revolt and is an extension of the principles of the Arab Awakening, having established an influential international presence through moderate and moral policies and stances, as well as through the professionalism of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security agencies and their ability to protect the homeland and its people. In addition, Jordan has proven itself through its advanced education, health, infrastructure, economy and technology sectors, among others. It has also achieved sustainable development in the cities and towns that were once the stage of Great Arab Revolt battles a hundred years ago, such as Aqaba, Tafileh, Maan, Shobak and Azraq.

Strength in Unity

National unity is the foundation of Jordan’s strength, resilience and stability. The inclusive Jordanian national identity encompasses all components, and it has become a source of strength and resilience for the country in the face of shocks. The celebration of the Great Arab Revolt by Jordanians of all origins and ideologies stands as a testament to the strength of national unity.

Respecting Diversity

Diversity and plurality are a source of power, pride and uniqueness for Jordan, safeguarded by real citizenship and the state of law. They have been part of the identity of the Jordanian state since its inception and the formation of its first government, which included figures from around the Arab region.

Moderate Islam

Jordan is rooted in the legacy of the Great Arab Revolt, which emanates from a religious Hashemite legitimacy based on true and moderate Islam, which brings with it a moral responsibility to combat terrorism, extremism and takfirism.

Muslim-Christian Fellowship

The Muslim-Christian fellowship in Jordan represents a model to be followed and an inspiration for the Kingdom’s various initiatives in interfaith harmony and coexistence, in addition to the view that Arab Christianity is a key component of society.

Arab Nationalism

The Great Arab Revolt entrenched the concept of the Arab world as one integrated political entity, and it contributed to reviving Arabic through a creative literary movement that was connected to Arab nationalist fervour. Jordan’s nationalist stances and the Hashemites’ sacrifices for the Palestinian cause, Jerusalem and Syrian refugees are a translation of the legacy of the Great Arab Revolt and the Arab Awakening, and they will continue over generations.

Celebrating and Building on Success

The past, embodied by the legacy of the Revolt, is a source of faith in a better future. The Great Arab Revolt Centennial is an occasion for celebration, joy and positivity. It is an opportunity to send to the world Jordan’s message of confidence, stability and continuity. It is celebrated through work and achievement, especially joint work for one lofty purpose ― the homeland and the future of generations.