Prince Sharif Jamil bin Nasser


Prince Sharif Jamil bin Nasser

Born in Mecca in 1888, Prince Sharif Jamil bin Nasser was the nephew of Sharif Hussein bin Ali. He received his elementary education in Mecca, before moving to Istanbul to continue his studies. He served in a number of positions in Mecca upon his return in 1910.

After the Great Arab Revolt erupted in 1916, Sharif Jamil bin Nasser joined its operations, fighting with Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein’s army, where he continued until Faisal’s government was formed in Syria in 1919. After the government fell, he served Prince Abdullah bin Al Hussein from 1921, playing a role in the establishment of the Jordanian Emirate.

Prince Jamil bin Nasser served as chief of the higher court of the emir, where he continued until his death on 30 August 1938.

Prince Jamil bin Nasser has one son, Sharif Nasser bin Jamil, and two daughters, the Queen Mother Zein Al Sharaf and Sharifa Nafaa.